Our Culture

Work safe. Work professional. Work respectful. Work grateful.

We take great pride in our technical abilities and innovative equipment at Blade Runners. However, it is our operating philosophy that makes us an excellent company to work for and with. Our company motto sums up the attitude that has helped us become an in-demand concrete specialist.

Work Safe

Our employees work with heavy equipment on a daily basis, and their safety is our highest priority. We always examine the worksite to look for potential hazards. We check our equipment and protective gear to make certain that everything is ready for the job ahead. Our crew also arrives with members with OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification.

Work Professional

At Blade Runners, we are fascinated by all things concrete. Whether it is acquiring innovative equipment or learning a new placement technique, we want our employees up to date on the latest technology. Our dedication to professional growth leads to greater employee loyalty and a better client experience. Our passion will benefit your project.

Work Respectful

The behavior of our employees represents our company, and we insist that our crew comes to your site with a respectful attitude. In the planning stages, we will listen carefully to understand your needs. As experts in concrete, we may have insights into meeting the project goals that you may not know, but we will always present them in an appropriate way. 

Work Grateful

Our team understands that every task we undertake is an opportunity to shine. A history of on-time and on-budget projects is what has helped our company grow. Part of the way we show our thanks for your business is by giving you our full attention, arriving with both a positive attitude and the necessary resources to get the job done.

Experience the Blade Runners Difference

We believe the culture at Blade Runners is what sets us apart from other concrete operations. If you need a full-service concrete construction company for your next project, give us a call today.