The Blade Runners Motto

Work safe. Work professional. Work respectful. Work grateful.

Our People

A Great Staff Makes a Great Company

It takes experienced professionals to make a business thrive. Our work trucks and saws are critical equipment, but it is our people that make us a top-rated concrete business. Our dedicated staff members ensure that every interaction with our company is positive.

david weston

Meet our President, David Weston

David is a top-performing construction executive with proven experience achieving significant growth objectives through marketing, project planning, and project leadership.

His educational achievements include a Master of Business Administration degree and an Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Arizona.

As an expert in aligning resources with customer needs and corporate initiatives, David’s main objective is to lead his project teams to success. He recognizes that the success of a client’s project is what fuels the success of the company. David’s team consistently delivers results that ensure every customer will be a customer again.

Meet Scott Pauly, Vice President

Scott joined Blade Runners as vice president after 15 years of corporate management with PepsiCo.

While it may seem that there is not much overlap between concrete and cola, Scott brings a significant amount of knowledge for developing our people, processes, planning, and execution in the marketplace.

Scott’s passion for people and his experience moving barriers ensure our projects are delivered on time with the highest quality of workmanship all while maintaining a safe work environment.

Art Recker

Meet Art Recker, General Manager of our Coring and Sawing Division

Art proves that a positive culture inspires company loyalty. He has been part of the Blade Runners team for 35 years.

He started in the field, sawing and coring on a wide variety of projects. Eventually, he became the manager of the division.

Art is an expert in his field and is looked at as the “Go To” resource for difficult projects in the valley. His experience and knowledge help our team members and customers navigate each job while maintaining timelines.

ray kinser

Meet Ray Kinser, Equipment Manager

Ray performs all maintenance and repairs of the vehicles and equipment in our state-of-the-art facility. He maintains well over 100 combustion engines, specialty saws, and all heavy equipment while keeping our truck fleet in top working order.

Because of Ray’s work, we can maintain our policy of equipment redundancy. He makes sure that we can meet our customer’s needs without the frustrating delays of mechanical failures.

Female avatar

Megan Daugherty, Office Administrator