Concrete Hand Sawing Services

We Know the Importance of Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

A full-service concrete sawing company must be ready to handle cutting jobs in smaller spaces. When our wall-mounted saws are too big for the task, we have a wide selection of hand saws at the ready. A combination of ring saws, chainsaws, and chipping hammers are the right tools for cutting concrete on a smaller scale.

man hand sawing a concrete wall

Precision Matters for Projects of Any Size

While our wall-mounted hydraulic blades are powerful, they are not the right tool for every situation. Trying to use them in a space that is too small will jeopardize both safety and accuracy. Hand sawing allows us to provide excellent results no matter the scale of the project.

The technicians at Blade Runners are experts with concrete handsaws. Their careful preparation and years of experience help them make accurate cuts every time. With these tools, our team can work in small spaces and tackle uneven surfaces like pools or driveways.

The Blade Runners team is always ready to handle challenging problems. Our seven cutting and coring trucks arrive at your job site with all the equipment they need to handle the task. You can rest assured that the job will get done efficiently and precisely.

Why Choose Blade Runners?

Our concrete hand sawing skill is just one of the reasons to work with Blade Runners. Here are a few more!

Full-Spectrum Concrete Work

Our team can handle every task in your concrete phase: pouring, sawing, and disposal.


Unmatched Experience

Our 24 employees bring decades of experience and valuable knowledge to your project.


Organized for Efficiency

Owning and maintaining several units of the same equipment means no time is lost due to breakdowns.

Culture of Innovation

Concrete technology improves every year. We embrace new tools and techniques to make our work faster, quieter, and more precise.

Quick Turnaround

Clients are often surprised with how fast we can get started at their site. We streamline our process to help you stick to your timeline.


Reliable Results

We have a reputation for excellence in the Phoenix area. As we like to say, “It is not fast you cut, but how well you cut fast that matters!”

David Weston

From simple beginnings in 1987, Blade Runners has grown into a respected concrete subcontractor for the greater Phoenix area. We work with electricians, plumbers, contractors, and large retail companies to cut space for the infrastructure they need.

However, our success is not just due to our concrete cutting services. Blade Runners supplies comprehensive concrete support for clients. We are one of the few companies with the equipment and skill necessary to pour, cut, and remove concrete surfaces.

Our current status is due in large part to our president, David Weston. Weston acquired the company in 2015 and has guided it with an eye toward sustainable growth. Under his leadership, Blade Runners has adopted a culture of professionalism, innovation, and efficiency. When you work with Blade Runners, you can trust that your project will be on time and on budget.

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See what our clients have to say about our concrete construction services
Female avatar

Sarah Richards

Extremely nice staff, always very welcoming and willing to help! Highly recommend!

Jocelyn Dotson

I had them cut my concrete patio into pavers they did a great job..

Male avatar

Gordon Lee

Small job to install concrete footers and secure a metal pavilion, but quality work by concrete specialists who I can trust to do a great job. Raul & Ramiro was right on time, completed the job with attention to detail and pride in their work, and cleaned up on their way out. I couldn’t ask for more…thank you!!!

Female avatar

Janet Mitchell

Very professional crew. They cut through my cool decking so I could run a gas line to a built in barbecue. They sawed the concrete for a vent and access door to the BBQ island. They are in Gilbert, do residential and commercial work and apparently under new ownership for the past three years. I found them on home advisor and are highly rated there. I definitely would recommend their services if needed!

Male avatar

Leigh Jones

Thank you! Nestle Dynasty has been a challenge. The three sawcutters, Josh, Marcos and most recently Roman, have been incredible. No matter what weird circumstances we throw at them, they get the job done. Repeatedly. Thank you for everything. There’s more coring to be done for bollards and likely some floor cleanouts, but this has been fabulous.

Ready to Get Started?

When precision matters, Blade Runners has you covered with expert concrete hand sawing services. Our experienced professionals will make the most challenging cuts look simple. If you need help with the concrete phase of your current or upcoming projects, contact Blader Runners today for a free estimate.

Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions About Our Concrete Hand Sawing Services

We turn to old-school handheld tools when our wall-mounted blades are not a feasible solution. The problem might be due to the space of the worksite or an uneven surface that can’t accommodate the equipment. Hand saws will also come into play when a client needs smaller cuts on a project.

Our cutting and coring trucks are fully-furnished with the resources we need. They have water for wet cutting and coring as well as a power source for electric tools. You won’t have to wait for our crew to get started.

We take safety seriously. Every crew has team members with OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training. All our employees wear the proper safety gear like hard hats, goggles, ear plugs, and safety gloves. Whenever possible, we do wet drilling and cutting to prevent concrete dust.

The cost of the project depends on its scope. Cutting with hand saws is a more labor-intensive process than hydraulic cutting. We will often bring additional crew members to reduce the time involved. However, the extra labor will increase the bottom line. When you contact us with the details of your project, we can provide a clear estimate.

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