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The Pros who Cut Your Concrete Can Finish the Job

Blade Runners not only brings precision to concrete cutting and coring. We are a full-service concrete contractor that can handle the pouring as well. Getting your concrete services from a single company will streamline this phase of your project. Our team coordinates every step for a seamless process and a strong finish.

blade runners employee pouring concrete

Why Wait for an Additional Concrete Contractor?

Time is money at a construction site. In many cases, the concrete phase of your project can involve three different concrete contractors: one to cut, one for disposal, and one to pour. Coordinating these companies is a scheduling nightmare with costly delays.

Blade Runners removes the hassle with complete concrete services that include expert concrete placement. With an experienced staff and five active concrete trucks, we are ready to pour as soon as the site is prepared. Since you are only working with one company, coordination is simple and efficient.

Our concrete supplier, Desert Ready Mix, works with us to determine the best material for the task at hand. We know concrete and understand how external conditions affect the setting process. Whether the temperature calls for an accelerated or delayed setting time, you can rely on a superior finished product.

Full-Service Concrete Placement

Blade Runners is a full-service concrete placement company. In addition to pouring and troweling, we can provide additional services such as

Experienced in a Wide Range of Projects

We can help you with a wide variety of residential and commercial pouring jobs. Some of our common projects include

Blade Runners featured in The Who's Who as a top rated concrete construction company

Featured in The Who’s Who

2021 Edition

Our current president, David Weston, sums up the Balde Runners advantage well. “What’s unique about our company is that we can saw the concrete, remove the concrete, and then pour back once our client has completed the necessary installation of piping or conduits. We are the only ones in the Valley that do this type of turnkey work in the volume that we do.”

Customers ranging from small businesses to major retailers have discovered the difference that a full-service concrete company can make. Blade Runners seeks to streamline concrete work for construction projects. Our intentional approach to maintenance and dedication to equipment redundancy means that our team is always ready for the next project.

For concrete pouring that is on time and on budget, Blade Runners is the company you can trust with your concrete construction needs.

On the Job!

Check out some photos of the Blade Runners team members on the job!


See what our clients have to say about our concrete construction services
Female avatar

Sarah Richards

Extremely nice staff, always very welcoming and willing to help! Highly recommend!

Jocelyn Dotson

I had them cut my concrete patio into pavers they did a great job..

Male avatar

Gordon Lee

Small job to install concrete footers and secure a metal pavilion, but quality work by concrete specialists who I can trust to do a great job. Raul & Ramiro was right on time, completed the job with attention to detail and pride in their work, and cleaned up on their way out. I couldn’t ask for more…thank you!!!

Female avatar

Janet Mitchell

Very professional crew. They cut through my cool decking so I could run a gas line to a built in barbecue. They sawed the concrete for a vent and access door to the BBQ island. They are in Gilbert, do residential and commercial work and apparently under new ownership for the past three years. I found them on home advisor and are highly rated there. I definitely would recommend their services if needed!

Male avatar

Leigh Jones

Thank you! Nestle Dynasty has been a challenge. The three sawcutters, Josh, Marcos and most recently Roman, have been incredible. No matter what weird circumstances we throw at them, they get the job done. Repeatedly. Thank you for everything. There’s more coring to be done for bollards and likely some floor cleanouts, but this has been fabulous.

The Blade Runners Motto:

Work safe. Work professional. Work respectful. Work grateful.

It takes time for concrete to set, so you need a team that can get the process started as soon as possible. Blade Runners has the staff and resources to streamline the pouring process. If you need concrete placement services for your next project, contact us today.

Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions About Our Concrete Placement Services

The time it takes for concrete to set depends on several factors like thickness and moisture. In general, a concrete project will set in 24 to 48 hours. However, it can be up to four weeks before the project fully cures to 100% strength.

For pour backs, you want to be certain that any pipes or other infrastructure pieces are properly installed. It also helps to have the site as clean and free of debris as possible.

Green cutting of cold joints involves creating relief joints after the concrete has hardened but before it has cured. Cutting joints gives the concrete room to expand and contract in changing temperatures.

We use expansion joints in concrete pours that cover a large area like driveways, ramps, and sidewalks. Once the concrete is dry, it will expand and contract due to temperature changes. An expansion joint is a small gap that provides space for this motion. A well-placed joint prevents cracking and premature breakdown.

The primary cost of a pouring project depends on the size of the area and the thickness of the concrete. Additional work such as excavation, surface preparation, special finishing, or joint cutting will increase our time and labor. Contact us with the details of your project, and we will give you a fair estimate.

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