Safe and Effective Concrete Slurry Removal

Concrete Removal Is a Critical Finishing Touch

A concrete job isn’t finished until the site is clean. Removing excess concrete slurry must be part of your construction plan. Blade Runners uses vacuum technology to safely remove slurry spills and overflows for safe disposal.

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You Need to Keep Concrete Slurry Under Control!

Slurry is one of the byproducts of working with concrete. When we cut into a slab, we use water to prevent concrete dust from getting into the air. If the resulting slurry dries in place, you will have an uneven surface around the cut. We use a specially-designed vacuum system to remove the substance as we work.

Failing to deal with concrete slurry can have unintended consequences. Some formulas of concrete contain toxic substances that can get into the water system in powdered form. The slurry can dry inside drainage pipes leading to faster corrosion and frequent blockages.

Blade Runners is well-equipped to address your slurry issues. Our team will treat, vacuum, and remove the material in an environmentally responsible way. When we are done, your construction will be ready for its next phase.

Why Choose Blade Runners?

Blade Runners handles every aspect of concrete construction from pouring to removal. Here are a few other reasons to work with us.

Fast Response Time

A philosophy of equipment redundancy means we have the tools to handle your project needs at the ready.


Safe Worksite Practices

Our team includes professionals with both OSHA 10 and 30 training. We make certain that the worksite is safe for everyone involved.

Technological Innovation

Advances in concrete technology make our job quieter, cleaner, and more efficient. We are always looking for better ways to serve our clients.

Decades of Experience

Our company started in 1987 and has an excellent track record of on-budget results.


Dedicated to Client Care

From the first call, we work in partnership with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

David Weston

When David Weston purchased Blade Runners in 2015, it was a small outfit handling local clients. Under his leadership, the business has grown into a full-service concrete company serving customers throughout the greater Phoenix area. Some of our latest clients include major names like Nike and Panera.

The company continues to grow while maintaining its precision and efficiency. Embracing innovation and investing in equipment redundancy have allowed us to expand our services and improve customer satisfaction. We aim to deliver consistent results that are on time and on budget.

When you work with Blade Runners, you are partnering with a team that has experience in every aspect of concrete construction. We can pour, cut, core, and safely remove concrete debris from your site. This flexibility makes us the perfect turnkey solution to your concrete construction problems. You can count on us for prompt service and unmatched results.

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See what our clients have to say about our concrete construction services
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Sarah Richards

Extremely nice staff, always very welcoming and willing to help! Highly recommend!

Jocelyn Dotson

I had them cut my concrete patio into pavers they did a great job..

Male avatar

Gordon Lee

Small job to install concrete footers and secure a metal pavilion, but quality work by concrete specialists who I can trust to do a great job. Raul & Ramiro was right on time, completed the job with attention to detail and pride in their work, and cleaned up on their way out. I couldn’t ask for more…thank you!!!

Female avatar

Janet Mitchell

Very professional crew. They cut through my cool decking so I could run a gas line to a built in barbecue. They sawed the concrete for a vent and access door to the BBQ island. They are in Gilbert, do residential and commercial work and apparently under new ownership for the past three years. I found them on home advisor and are highly rated there. I definitely would recommend their services if needed!

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Leigh Jones

Thank you! Nestle Dynasty has been a challenge. The three sawcutters, Josh, Marcos and most recently Roman, have been incredible. No matter what weird circumstances we throw at them, they get the job done. Repeatedly. Thank you for everything. There’s more coring to be done for bollards and likely some floor cleanouts, but this has been fabulous.

Ready to Get Started?

Safe concrete removal and disposal is a responsibility for every construction project. With our vacuum slurry removal system, your job site will be clean and ready for the next phase. If you need help after a concrete pour, contact Blade Runners for efficient cleanup.

Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions About Our Concrete Slurry Removal and Disposal Services

Concrete slurry comes from two main sources. When pouring wet concrete, excess material can overflow the pour site or come off during troweling. Another form of concrete slurry happens when the dust from coring or cutting mixes with water. In either case, it is best to remove any slurry before it can dry in place.

Some concrete mixtures can have a high alkaline level that makes them corrosive. Washing this material into a drainage area can be an environmental hazard. Pouring slurry into drainage pipes can cause leaks and blockages.

Our primary tactic for slurry removal is a vacuum system that removes the substance while it is still wet. There are also chemical treatments that bind to the slurry and make it easier to clean up later on.

The main cost factor in vacuum slurry removal is the amount of material to be removed. Disposal costs will increase with volume.

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